Behold, The New K24 TV Is Almost here!

Will the logo change too?


K24, the award winning station will shtua a lot of people this coming week.

If what we hear coming from K24 is anything to go by, then the new look K24 will be right up there with the likes of Citizen…..

And this is why.

In Charge: The C.E.O. Paul Wanyagah

Mombasa411 has privileged information of the new News Set that is set to be launched Tuesday next week, the 13th March. The new set is brighter, and will only be rivaled by say, Citizen only.

Also sources tell Mombasa411 that K24 news will, for the first time, be co-hosted and this I must see!

If you have been keen enough, K24 has been on a shopping spree of new talent since akina Ben Kitili and other left…

A spot check by Mombasa411 this week at K24 studios found a plethora of beauties lining the hallways…and believe us when we say your TV screen will exhibit an abnormal rise in temperatures when these ladies come on screen. And the dudes too were equally impressive…

Sources further tell Mombasa411 that Betty Kathambi, is among the new faces at K24. Others like Ahmed Bhalo and Hassan are already strutting their stuff on K24 Swahili desk.

However, it is believed more talent are being considered and don’t be surprised to see a bright new line-up at the station.

Enyewe, Wanyagah anafanya mambo.

The mood on the 3rd floor at the Mediamax offices is said to be skyhigh, with sources telling yours truly that K24 Kiswahili News and English will push the established players to the limit, owing to an exciting line-up of presenters that they have.

Already the station has launched new programming, the latest being Jeff Koinange’s Face the Nation. Mombasa411 understands that the senior editors and managers at K24 (read akina Kagoe, Chege et al)  have been burning the midnight oil with some sleeping as late as 1am after they were challenged to come with new line-ups in anticipation for the launch.

We at Mombasa411 wish K24 all the best in it’s new bright face…..and as they say ahoy! to the future.

3 thoughts on “Behold, The New K24 TV Is Almost here!

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  1. Am a second year student in Mombasa polytechnic university college persuing in mass communication.kindly requesting for an inturnship in your company from january-april.i will be greatful to be part of your team thank you.


  2. Hope it will have a national image – programme actors/comedian – a region, function coverage not just in one venaculer. etc.


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