BUS WARS!! Modern Coast Manager Resigns, Starts Rival Bus Company after fallout with MDOSI….

Not many people know the name Osman….

But mention Modern Coast Bus Company and that changes.

Osman is the man who was managing the Modern Coast Bus Company fleet of buses after he was appointed by the C.E.O. Mr. Shahid Butt….

It is said the two fellas have had a long standing friendship over the years, but seemingly something drastic took place towards the end of 2011 as that friendship is no more, Mombasa411.org is informed.

Sources intimate to Mombasa411.org that Osman resigned after their relationship with Shahid reached breaking point.

Some may ask how will this affect Modern Coast?

Simple. Sources tell Mombasa411.org that Osman was the main man at MC. He was the fixer and he was involved in designing the buses, choosing the routes and very many other aspects of the business.

It is said too that several staff have already resigned from Modern Coast, among them mechanics, some drivers and other auxilliary staff.

They have all joined Osman’s new Bus Company……………..Spanish Coach which is set to start operations soon.

And here it is...the New Spanish Coach

In the meantime, Osman is said to have bought 4 buses built to the exact specifications of Modern Coast……..something that will definitely irk Modern Coast owner Shahid.

So look out for a new bus war, between Modern Coast and Spanish Coash.

The most memorable war of buses here in Mombasa was between Modern Coast and Mash bus owned by a certain guy, nicknamed ‘Jitu’. At one time, a modern Coast bus was written at the back: “I Hate MASHed Potatoes” In reference to MASH Bus….,

Then recently another Modern Coast Bus was nicknamed “Elephant Eater” in reference to MASH’s trading symbol of an elephant.

MASH countered this by writing on one of their buses: “NI UTOTO, AKIKUA ATAACHA” Referencing to the ‘childish’ ways of Modern Coast.

A Mash Bus...see what's written at the back.

Modern Coast Bus Countered with another big banner: “JITU ZIMA OVYOOO” was this a reference to Mash Bus’ owner, Jitu?

Now that the man behind all that has quit MCBC and launched Spanish Bus, will the war be between MCBC and Spanish???

Watch this space.

33 thoughts on “BUS WARS!! Modern Coast Manager Resigns, Starts Rival Bus Company after fallout with MDOSI….

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  1. I pity all who are congratulating Osman for nathing 1st u dont even know what went wrong that he got sacked from work n dint even resign then the spanish coach u see ni bus Mzee KAZ,usijione unkuwa na pesa kidogo ukajisahau ulikotoka


    1. for your info c KAZ bt rather kulikuwa na noma na registration u dnt even knw tahmeed bought the other buses? ok nw u knw
      spanish were to be more than two if it wasnt for MCBC


  2. spanish coach kiboko yao.The mcbc is a ruthless company with its ruthless staff who are very rude.I loved MODERN COAST due bt toka niongeleshwe kunya na staff wake nikiwa nakata nafasi nne kwa OXYGEN. na kunidharau sijawahi kaqnyaga ndani ya hiyo offfice.MCBC its the high time u stop utoto and behave like a big company.Look @ your rivals like SPANISH,COAST AIR,HORIZON,DREEMLINE AND MASH COOL and place yaself somewhere in hospitality.Your logo the ULTIMATE LEADER is enough to market you only if u care abt us.ANYWAY SPANISH COACH KUDOS and love u,Osman thanx 4 bringing manyanga ya mtuapa and the spanish vip ya TODOR DOX.CONGRATES AND GOD BLESS YA.I WILL EVER MARKET SPANISH COACH.BT boss,si utafutie spanish logo yake kama vile modern coast ultimate leader ama mash we lead others follow.


  3. MCBC remains the bus co. to beat,just upgrade customer rltn n the fare n we wl b gud to go.Osman,compe is healthy bt inategemea unacompte na nani,thz butt dude is stnkn rch man,athawais kp up.


  4. Huyo Wife wa Butt ni malaya sana, anapenda watoto wadogo wadogo. She is the evil behind her husband ruthless greed. SPANISH BUS HOYEEEEE


  5. modern Coast women think they own part of the ocean. thanx God Spanish is here. No wonder the two buses corrided due to ignorance .


  6. None will offer free service. We must pay for any service by any bus company. morden to improve on public relation especially in msa booking office and nairobi. Otherwise it remain my favourite bus company. Drivers and conductors very human!!!!!!!!!!1


  7. i have been dealing with Osman since 2008…he created modern. I pray for you bro,,,watu wanaongea kuhusu shahid with his crooked ways. wewe ni dume spanish utaendelea. all the best


  8. you guys are right butt will stop at nothing to ruin spanish,,,, but God is there. Osman worked with his heart look what he got…..kick


  9. Competition is healthy n the addiitional company will give us a variety to choose from couldnt come home for easter coz all 3 buses were full plus hio mcbc iko na watu rude kwa msa office


  10. At last,I encountered a very rude lady in December at the Modern coast offices and i remember telling her that she should learn how to talk to Customers,Let her occupy every seat.God bless spanish coach…


  11. It’s seems that shahid butt wants to drink all the water from the ocean. In trying so he will stop at nothing!!!! Beaware of him


  12. I am just waiting to see what the results of the rivalry will be!!!! That is what i call real business which is supposed to be full of competition!


  13. its bzines niga..itategemea service, what we need is quality service but little chip,au sio.
    challenges are all over,u have to risk to gain,
    go ahead and dont look back.the issue is money.


    1. accurately well said,,,Osman was the man behind modern,,,,with his excellent skills,,,,,hats off to you and wish him all the best no doubt he deserves it.


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