PILI PILI FM: Mombasa’s newest FM Station is finally here.

Mombasa, now has a 7th local radio station, Pili Pili FM.

The new radio station set to be launched on the first of April is located at Texas Alarms building, next to Nyali Cinemax Mombasa.

Although it’s still not clear which presenters will be joining the station, word has it that Pwani FM’s Donde Samora, Japheth Makanaki (Radio Salaam) and other headliners in Coast media will be joining the new outfit.

However, this is still mere speculation.

The new station’s tag line will be “Mambo Moto Moto”

Pili Pili FM is said to be owned by a prominent Businessman who is said to mean business and has massively invested into the new outfit with state of the art equipment..

They are currently carrying out test transmissions on their new frequency, 94.4 FM.

More to come.

A shot of the new station's Twitter homepage

Do you have any info regarding this new baby in Coast Entertainment? Drop an email to the editor, Mombasa411: mombasa411@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “PILI PILI FM: Mombasa’s newest FM Station is finally here.

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  1. You are setting a new standard in broadcasting not only in mombasa but in kenya as a whole keep up the good work n keep on keeping on. I hope to work with you guys someday God bless pili pili fm.


  2. Nitakuja hapo kwenu na pilipli za kihindi, halafu please your music that you play repeatedly has made me addicted to your station, i cannot play any other station on my phone Radio, mwambie Balala pili pili kwa kiarabu inaitwa SHATTER, i cannot write Arabic lakini NAJIBU BADO ANS JIBU < TUNAMTAKIA KILA NE KHERI


  3. congrats a new beginning for the coastians i think its high time we coast journalist to express what we can deliver to with the rest of the nation and worldwide i wish to work with you


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