PiliPili FM captures some BIG names in Broadcasting, Starts Transmissions

What do you get when you put in the mix the following:

A reknowned BBC News Veteran, A proven Creative and Social Media Guru, A former Metro FM Breakfast Presenter, A Celebrated News Anchor from Q fm, A witty, famed presenter from Pwani FM, A TV News Anchor from K24, A former Tusker Project Fame participant and also Ex-East Africa Radio Presenter and to crown it all, an experienced news reader from Deustche Welle?

Remarkably, this is the composition of just some of the staff who have been taken onboard Coast’s newest Radio Station PiliPili FM.

The station has invested heavily in state of the art equipment and Mombas411 was given a sneak peek of the studios located on the 4th Floor of Texas building along Links Road Nyali, next to Nyali Cinemax.

Previously Radio Salaam held the position as the most advanced and equiped station @ The Kenyan Coast, but after what we saw at PiliPili FM, that has surely changed. These dudes mean business.

Everything about PiliPili FM points to a whole different approach to radio. Right from the title of the main guy @ this outfit, Mr. Ahmed Salim. His title is Chief of Staff. In other places he might be referred to as Station Manager, Head of Radio etc.

Take the title of the main guy in Radio….Gray Phombeah. You must know him. This dude rakes years of experience having worked for the BBC Online for many years…Google ‘Gray Phombeah’ and look at the sheer number of results.

Here is an article from him: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/specials/1536_impartiality/page6.shtml

This guy is the Editorial Director at PiliPili FM. In other words, he is the man in charge of the ‘product’. What comes on air and how it’s delivered.

Then there is the issue of talents.

PiliPili FM has crossed the border into Tanzania to hire former East African Radio star presenter, the beautiful Tina Koroso, who if you remember well, was also a one time Tusker Project Fame Contestant.

Tina, The Breakfast Co-Host

Tina has been partnered with Donde Samora pictured below for the Breakfast Show which currently is on a pilot run on 99.5fm.

Donde Samora, Hard Hitting.

Also joining the team is X-Metro FM Breakfast presenter Chris Mukwasi (below). This man holds great potential and he’s expected to be a hit on the Coast. His show @ Metro had a big following and it remains to be seen how things will work out for him this sides. He is expected too, to host the Breakfast Show (I guess weekends, or perhaps weekdays, *am not so sure) and other shows. Watch out for this man.

Chris Mukwasi

He is paired with another beautiful chick, Laila Saalim (pictured below)

Now we remember Agnes Gakunga, she from K24 TV. This hot chick is also expected to rule the airwaves @ PiliPili FM after she was snapped up and joins in the editorial department as a news anchor/reporter.

Agnes Gakunga...This Gal packs an unmistakable voice...

Mariam Dodo, formerly of Deustche Welle Radio is also in the team. Here Mariam Dodo is pictured with some of  her colleagues @ DW Bonn Germany.

Mariam Dodo, Ben Waziri, Ramadhan Ali and Ramadhan Tuwa. All from Radio Deutsche Welle. Ben Waziri is now retired.

Talented Sound Guy / Producer Brian Evusa is also in the team.

Brian, on his flight to joining PiliPili FM....WHAT COULD HE BE POSSIBLY THINKING OF HERE: Madafu? Wali Wa Nazi? Samaki wa Kupaka? Only he knows!

The station’s creative director is a hunk by the name Nabeel. He will be managing the quality of the station’s ads, jingles et al.

Other faces @ PiliPili include Terry Bebora (QFM), Luke Wasike (To be based in Nrb as the reporter) and the beautiful Tina Masika (below)

A fly on the wall of Texas Building (Where PiliPili FM is based) whispered to Mombasa411 that more new faces will join the station soon as it positions itself to be a major East African Radio Station.

Mombasa411 had earlier received information that former Baraka FM and Radio Salaam Presenter Alphonce Oladipoh (pictured below) was joining the team @ Pilipili FM. However, when contacted, Oladipoh denied the rumours as unfounded and said he is currently occupied with other businesses. He however wished the team @ PiliPili FM success.

Oladipoh Alphonce

“They have a strong brand and a great opportunity to serve this region. They have clearly stated their intentions and the other players ought to take them seriously, very seriously,” Oladipoh, told Mombasa411.

The staff were understandably excited when the station went on air with its first LIVE program today, as evident with this little chat on Facebook…..

Mmmmmmh...csemi kitu!

The station’s head or rather Chief of Staff, Ahmed Salim (below) is a well known Social Entrepreneur based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ahmed Salim is the founder of Fluid Tees, a T-Shirt brand riding high on Twitter and Facebook marketing. He is also a social activist well known for his involvement in United Kenya (during the referendum), Kenya ni Yetu (for the constitution), Kenya Feb28 (singing of the national anthem), Pamoja (showing unity and joining together in prayers for Japan earthquake victims) and the mssively successful Kenyans for Kenya initiative  #FeedKe.

Other than these social endeavors, Ahmed is an accomplished marketer of repute, working as a lead marketer at a Nairobi agency.

He cherishes the challenge lying ahead. When I asked him to sum up in 1 sentence the experience Kenyans will get from PiliPili FM he simply said: ” They have never heard anything close to what we shall offer. It’s going to be a whole new experience.”

But judging from the recruitment so far carried out, these dudes, mean business.

The station will be officially launched in a private card only function Friday 30th March at Texas Building. The guest of honour will be Minister for Information and communication, Samuel Poghisio. The function will start from 5pm.

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