Summary: Lived in fear:For a long time, Samir was a marked man. He knew police would get him Samir Khan, who was murdered 10 days ago in Mombasa, was my good client.

I last met him a few months ago when his aging mother cooked lunch for us at their humble mud house five kilometres from Likoni town She gracefully served us a sumptuous lunch of chicken biryani in a very traditional Swahili setting. Samir was a jolly nice guy. I have no doubt in my mind that members of the Kenya police killed Samir. For a long time, Samir was a marked man.

Both his family and friends knew his days were numbered. It was just a matter of when the police would slay him. Throughout the time I was with him, he expressed fear for his life. He voiced a premonition that he would be killed by the Kenyan police force.

He knew they would get him. And, two weeks ago, they indeed got him. Let us not beat about the bush.

The Kenya police force operates death squads that kill on the orders of those who call the shots in the chain of command. This is not my wild assertion. This is the finding of Prof Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur. It is members of the police death squad that killed Samir.

They were ordered to eliminate him! They will kill more in the future. There are no laws or powers that can stop them. It is high time the United Nations and members of the international community intervened and stopped the killing of innocent Kenyans by the police. There are two categories of Kenyans who face real and imminent danger from the police.

These are peasants in central province and Muslim activists. If you are a peasant from Central who supports either Paul Muite or Maina Njenga, you are a marked man.

The police death squads can pick you up, kill you and nobody will ever question them. The peasants are targeted because they have consciously decided to chart their own political future. They have refused to follow the dictates of the local elite and their billionaire barons. Muslim activists also face grave danger posed by the police force. They are easily vilified as terrorists who support either Al-Qaeda or Al-Shabaab. The police kill them or abuse their human rights at will.

The police target Muslim activists because they are a politically unrepresented minority. Samir and his family have lived in fear for the last 40 years. In 1976, when his father bought 360 acres of prime land at Ukunda from an English lady, little did he know that the acquisition would cause so much grief to his family.

Two months after the purchase, the government ordered him to surrender the land for settlement of people from Central and Rift Valley provinces. He refused. He was arrested and badly tortured. He nearly died in police cells. He fled to Tanzania for his life. The police raided, ransacked and beat everyone at his house.

That police harassment continued for 40 years. The Khan family wrapped the title deed in a polythene bag, dug up a hole and buried it for a good 40 years. When the government could not retrieve the title from the Khans, it issued another title, sub-divided the same land and distributed it among the settlers.

When I last visited Samir and his mother, the exhumation of the title was complete. The title was intact apart from a small portion eaten by ants. We then started the process of seeking compensation to the tune of Sh15 billion against the State.

I think 40 years is a long time for the Khans finally to get justice, but the Khans must get justice under the new Constitution. Despite the killing of Samir, justice must ultimately be available, even to an Asian Muslim!

Ahmednasir Abdullahi is the publisher, Nairobi Law Monthly   E:


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  1. I know it has been a long time since his death.i recall meeting his mum a year ago inviting me over & i enjoyed my meal.he was my favourite uncle.the Khans have been through alot.the people will be brought to justice here & in the hereafter


  2. alhamdulilah justice it has been done and ALMIGHTY ALLAH has answer our prayer his been burn in this world and hereafter i hope he will be burn in hell amiiiin


  3. haha seriously omugabe,
    just picture we u wud be at this minute had not the arabs and europeans brot civilisation to ur ancestors..imagine that piece of leather around u, with that bow and arrow over ur shoulder
    u wudnt hav been able to even comment on this dont tak urself to be so over independent wen u can not even make a piece of robe in ur country
    consider all those international aids from other non-african countries that keep ur country on its legs be4 u blutter any more nonesense
    n 4 ur information i wud appreciate it if u go bak to history n read bout the inhabitans of north africa from the time of the pharouhs in egypt n even be4
    dont just tok becoz oda people are tokin.


    1. Balala,

      Now that you are talking about “Africa” and the lineage of “Africans” have you already had your Y haplotype checked my friend? If you have not, please stop confabulating.


  4. dear cheupe and the rest,
    so wat if i use another persons name in commiting a crime?should he be the one to be chargd guilty just becoz i used his name?wats the use of having governments and international courts and strong laws if i can commit a crime in the name of someone else?so wetha Osama mentioned Allah or not, it doesnt change a thing bout whose guilty.
    something else, those people u say go around throwing bombs and grenades did not just wake up one morning and decided to kill people, it was grown inside them.imagine waking up one morning and you find out ur country has been accused of having nuclear weapons e.g iraq..they invade ur country, kill ur men, rape ur women, mutilate ur children..they leave u with almost nothing…n in the end, they dont find a single nuclear weapon…wat wud u do?forgive and forget?wud u blame that person if they blow themselves up in a suicide attack?
    n ofcourse they cannot reach those who did that to them so they do the best they can wich is blowing up embassies.
    i know the pain that the kenyans felt and i am sorry but who is to blame?its like hiding a thief inside ur house and u dont want the mob to come in looking for em.dont only blame those who react due to pain bt blame urselves for hiding the enemy within ur country, n if u think thats not bad den dont complain dat u r being blown up.
    p.s: let us fight our wars alone and keep God out of this


    1. Balala,

      No one is blaming allah for causing anything, we are just saying that it is a habit of religious leaders who incite people to kill to invoke that name in their killing arrands. Just saying.

      Hiding a theif is one thing. You will however need to understand that choosing your friends is your prerogative, not mine. I can not impose on you my choice of friends.

      And so it is not Osama’s prerogative to impose his preferred convictions on diplomatic strategy on all the countries of the world, and more so, not his prerogative to impose that conviction by slaughtering people walking on the street. If Kenya wants to have Iranian embassy, that is Kenya’s prerogative, not Osama’s. (Drive up Riverside road in Nairobi and see what I mean).

      And if someone insists on employing cut throat tactics against a people, or against groups of people, they will likely find themselves on a collision course with those people…or groups of people. Common sense.


  5. Want to promote the islamic insanity?
    Do so on the ARABIAN PENINSULA!

    Also, African lands are for AFRICAN PEOPLES!

    Want to acquire properties?
    Do so in land of YOUR ANCESTORS!

    Guests who become disruptive invite being tossed out by the African hosts.

    Truth is; all these divisive, destructive, mind-weakening & mind-wasting religious (christianity & islam) of criminal invaders, should be discarded from African and from African lives.

    Much of North Africa has already been overrun by the criminal invaders from Arabian Peninsula.
    And farther south, the the evil european invaders have also sought to displace indigenous population.
    Good to see that the Kenyans & Africans of South Sudan are making a stand; because the only place left for Africans to retreat after so many generations of retreating, is into the sea. And we can’t have that. The sea is for the fishes!
    African land IS for African.


  6. Good. We stand for TRUTH. I like positive critcism. However, read to understand logic beyond your own mind. God is for all, may it be a Christian or Muslim, or any other religion.
    I am not here to talk about religion, but facts that happen in humankind. Creation is of God.
    We do god and avoid evils. I am not here to judge but to let TRUTH prevail, i.e., to let God rule. He knows what each person professes. Although we go to different Churches, Mosquics etc., as a group, but each individual will answer how he/she lived with his/her neighbour. Each one of us is created in a unique way. Therefore, internal religion is more than external one… Thanks for your reaction. The fact is killing an innocent person is WRONG!!!!


    1. Killing an innocent person is wrong. However, we are hardly in a position to impute innocence on Shamir, or guilt on him. Neither can we impute innocence or guilt on the police. He who assumes a millitant and abrasive stance towards people, or a group of people is likely to attract to himself the wrath of many. And he may not know the precise identities of the many who may wish him harm, and neither may we.

      All the parties involved here may not know who is responsible for, or indeed, who is the cause of what.



  7. muslims should respect life according to the natural and natural moral law.
    Allah/ Yahweh is the only author of life and the only supreme authority over life!
    To killing an innocent police or any innocent person is wrong!!! Let all religions be civilized… somebody cannot absolutely not… kill in the name of religion. If it is in case of self defense well and well determined with its true moral conditions then it can be tolerated. Any religion that supports arbitrarily killings it is no God’s authority whatsoever!!! May the police rest in peace and his family be strengthened. Justice should be sorted by a legitimate authority.


    1. The police are the ones who killed, I think I am getting wrong your contribution! The police are the ones alleged to have killed here, why bring the issue of muslims having to respect life. Muslims of course respect life!


      1. Sorry for misunderstanding. All of us should respect life. Police should and must respect life.
        They should fear God/Allah. Thanks.


      2. Muslims respect life. They also declare Jihad on Kafirs in the Name of Allah…with and construct designs to subjugate Kafir populations and put them under sharia law.


  8. The killings of innocent Muslims will not stop with Samir Khan, the Kenyan government through its police force has for the better part slayed and tainted the image of Muslims clerics by linking them to Al-Qaeda, i don’t believe they are done yet. But what they don’t realise is that the protection of Islam lies with God and it will continue to thrive. The family of Samir Khan will definitely get justice, one overseen by God, i am interested how the lives of the officers who carried out this gross killing will turn out.


  9. A true Muslim’s dream is to live under sharia law, and to subjugate all in the vicinity and impose sharia law on them.

    Military action and political pressure are the tools commonly employed by muslims to this end.

    I have noticed that in the muslim countries, they are intolerant of christian meetings, yet in christian countries, they wake up to make loud noise on speakers at 5am, waking up the whole neighbourhood. Christians tolerate that, but then muslims throw hand grenades in public christian meetings in Tononoka and Mtwapa decapitating a woman and killing others.

    The life of executed six Kenyans in a christians prayer meeting is worthless, but that of one military and political muslim activist is worth clamoring about though. Aich.

    Why did someone not post something to decry the act of the millitant muslim grenade throwers? Aich.


    1. I read this contribution and it itches me lest I reply. At this day and age, you should know the difference between Islam the religion and a person who is a muslim by name throwing grenades to gatherings and blame it on the religion. I only concur that tolerance is needed in all. Those individuals killing people in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and recently in Libya are not called christians but individuals on their own killing innocent muslims. Look at both sides of the coin!


      1. Mwaswere, of course I would identify with anyone’s insistence that the guys killing Iraqis and Afghanistanis are christian. Osama Bin Laden is however lauded as a Sheikh by many…and he started all his messeges with, “In the NAME of ALLAH, most bebeficinet, most merciful….” It becomes obvious that he is a staunch muslim when he says that. And then he goes ahead and authorized bombings and passed death sentenses to innocent Kenyans in Nairobi Streets when his boys blew up the Nairobian US embassy. It makes it clear that he is an agent of religion, and he is also an agent of Allah and his actions are in a bid to promote his religious beliefs and convictions as the strong association between his actions and his religions, straight from his own mouth!

        The foreign soilders on the other hand do not go about it that way. They do not proclaim of even claim to do it in the name of Allah, or any other diety for that matter. Little surprise then most people do not even consider them Christians.

        So when a millitant fella shows up in Mombasa proclaiming, “In the name of Allah most merciful…” and then goes ahead and pours vitriol from his mouth…hehehe….

        I think Imams should be in the fore front of picking those fellas and silensing them immediately…

        But they appear to be active participants themselves!



    2. cheupe

      You ask good questions.

      Only, BOTH the christian crap and islamic insanity have been FORCIBLY imposed in African lineage.
      Those divisive, mind-weakening, mind-wasting and FOREIGN religious rubbish were not invited by Africans. They were imposed by criminal invaders of Africans.

      Non-Africans who want to promote their idiotic ideology of islam and christianity, should do so on the peninsulas of Arabia and Europe.

      Africans must reject ALL foreign religious rubbish; because the aim of those who promote those idiotic ideologies, is to dominate, plunder & DISPLACE indigenous Africans from their Ancestral lands.


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