News that Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali allegedly stole a phone in Nairobi are to say the least out-rightly unbelievable.

The KTN’s award winning investigative journalist Mohammed Ali of the Jicho Pevu fame was Monday 14th May charged in a Nairobi court for allegedly stealing a mobile phone worth Sh100,000.

The KTN chief investigative editor appeared at the Milimani Law Courts on Monday morning where he denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Esther Maina and was released on a Sh50,000 cash bail.

He was accused of having stolen the mobile phone on diverse dates between June 14, 2011 and 6 July 2011 from Al Mana Electronics on Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi.

Sources saysomebody approached Ali’s friend eight months ago and offered to sell him the gadget that according to the seller “had been sent from his sister in the United Kingdom”. On inspecting the phone, it appeared to be new and the friend bought and handed it to the controversial reporter.

Months later, when Ali was in Uganda, he was called by police officers to inform him that they were investigating allegations that he was in possession of a ‘‘stolen phone”. Ali told the officers that he was in Uganda and upon return to Nairobi, he would report to Nairobi’s Central Police Station.

On Friday, he was contacted and informed that police would charge him with possession of a stolen property, which is an offense under the penal code. Sources told the Jackal News that the whole scenario reeks of “a plot to set-up the journalist” who, in an investigative report, accused the police of complicity in drugs trade.

These raises questions:

  • Why are the charges against Mohammed being preferred now?
  • Was the phone reported missing @ the said time?
  • For a man of Mohammed’s caliber, one who knows his face is known all over Kenya, is a leading shop in a busy Nairobi street the best place to ‘steal’ a phone…would he take such a risk?
  • Did a phone theft investigation have to take a whole 10 months before the ‘thief’ is identified?
  • Could someone be having a score to settle with Mohammed?
  • Is someone trying to assassinate his character and/or credibility in light of future expose’s?

What do you think?

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17 thoughts on “IS KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI BEING ‘FIXED’?

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  1. These idiots should imagine how much money Ali has laughed off in his investigative missions b4 fixing him in a mere fone.Money that if he were to take for a bribe would buy all of us each a fone including them. Don b silly


  2. This is johny come late story….simply after thought when all options had run out of this barren government. Ali has touched, walked on more money than 100k, its sickening to even read the accusation. this is nude story and to trump up charges….with the aim not seek justice, but to embarrase Mr. Ali. Shame to Police and government.

    Direct your energy to where kenya is losing billions in dubious deals in parastatals. Shame.


  3. We all know that kenya is full of impunity ,let m.ali know that many are called but few are chosen police always tend to be above the law if u stand by the truth almost every body is against you for we all know that almost all prominent people acquired their wealth through corruption. so ali this is the first time be ready for more don’t give up GOD is by your side bcoz the truth will defenetely come out


  4. That’s y we have the the kenya police force. they force each situation to fix the innocent. its now a revenge – you scratch my face I taint your character.


  5. Thats what we call mischief in our own goverment. Even if it was stolen ten months is a long time. Let him follow the due process of the law, te trail is long and if followed Ali will be a free man after all.


  6. Thats Kenya Police for you,justice to the highest bidder,what they don’t know is that they are creating a new story for the fearless reporter! watch this space!


  7. Intimidation ! This goes beyond that. If they put him in remand I fear for his safety. He would be within reach of very many people via proxy of murderers and killers awaiting conviction. Very bad things can happen ,even in remand.This is a setup.


  8. this is the kind of treatment all kenyans get at one time or the other. can you imagine the many who are behind bars who innocently acquired products only to be arrested for beinmg in possession of stollen property. no one speaks for them, leave alone highlight thier issues. now that an influential of popuplar personality is facing it the media is up to defend their own and yes we all see it it may be a conspiracy, how about mama kamau. wanjiki and omolo who cant even comprehend how an item the bought in a shop now is said to have been stlone and they are behind bars. let me see how they handle this and maybe set a precedence in court ruling on such like cases. am watching keenly. hata hivyo pole Mo!


  9. I pity those people who are behind such plan of fixing our hero brother. May God protect M. Ali. Ali, never be worried of the evildoers. I am praying for those planing such kind of activities to change their attitude. How can they talk of a mobile stolen by you…? God will protect you in your work always. Remain courageous brother. You are a just man, and no man will do you harm…
    Utashinda minyororo za Ibilisi kwa nguvu na neema za Mungu!


  10. Yes, yes yes, old style intimidation that is happening here. If a phone worth 100k is all that the gentleman wanted, he could as well buy himself on, HE CAN AFFORD IT. Then why now? If he reported to the police when they wanted to question him and he did a statement on the matter and they did not detain him, WHAT HAS CHANGED NOW.
    I wish somone out there would stop misusing our police and Judiciary.


  11. Very curious set of events, all-in-all. The mobile in question allegedly stolen on either of 2 dates? Give me a break! Either it was or it wasn’t, and since it had to be registered, why wasn’t the ESN noted straightaway? Sounds like Nigeria to me.


    1. Total madnes being potrayed here by our own police. After 10 months since the phone was allegedly stolen you’re questioning Ali now!!!!!!. Ali is such a young man who has ambitions for his future life pls dont cut him shot of it by inflicting behaviours which no Kenyan who knows Ali well can comprehend. As a Kenyan am keenly watching the proceedings of this case to determin whether our police n the judiciary is clean from corruption as a whole this including bribary and fixing other innocent Kenyans.


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