10 Questions about Saitoti, Ojode Tragic Heli-crash

Prime Minister Raila Odinga at scene

Mombasa411 takes this opportunity to express our sincerest condolences to the families of the 6 people killed in Sunday’s tragic helicopter crash @ Ngong forest, Nairobi.

As we all get down to reflect on this tragedy, as Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga and the rest of them dust off their shoes from the ‘visit’ to the scene of the accident, it is wise to ask the following 10 questions, which try as we may, we simply can’t ignore.

1. Did anybody else apart from the pilot and security, know of the flight path of the helicopter from Wilson Airport as it made its way towards Homa bay?

2. How true are the claims  from alleged witnesses at the scene who claim they saw fire and smoke on the chopper before it went down?

3. With it being public knowledge that Saitoti and Ojode could be potential targets for Al-Shabab and other terror outfits owing to them being the face of the Kenya operation in Somalia….WAS IT WISE TO BUNDLE THEM ALL IN ONE CHOPPER?

4. Why wasn’t there a ‘Chase/Decoy’ chopper tailing the ill fated helicopter? These second helicopter would have been in a position to secure the crash area and administer first aid etc in the last minutes of the Professor’s life…who knows, how many minutes of torment did these guys pass through before their deaths? All alone, in the middle of the forest…Kenya, we can do better.

5. At what altitude was the chopper flying at as it entered Kibiku forest?

6. Why were the debris scattered so at the scene of the accident? The bodies were apart as well as parts of the craft….is this consistent with a fiery crash-landing or an airborne ‘disintegration/explosion’?

7. There exists VIP transportation within the Kenya Airforce….and as KENYA is at war….wouldn’t the Airforce be the best option to take charge of transporting and protecting Saitoti/Ojodeh?

8. How true are the claims (covered in BBC, CNN and other media outlets) that Al Shabab earlier this year acquired handheld Surface to Air Missiles?…Armed Forces spokesman Col. Oguna is on record as rubbishing these claims.

9. Did the Helicopter have a flight recorder ‘blackbox’. When will we get to know of the contents recorded inside?

10. What is it with our politicians and helicopter rides? A simple commercial flight to Kisumu Airport and maybe onwards a chopper to Homabay would have been the best option not only financially, but also security wise….?

But then again, these are just my questions…feel free to add your questions below:

R.I.P. Good old Proffessor and Wuod Ojode.


  1. we never trust awa inspectors 4 da work tyey do since they are corrrupt ;t might b al shabab or not buh coz we dod need 2 b defeated bi them letz b silence


  2. It is very interesting that a minister of that stature could just jump into a single engine eurocopter and feel secure enough.a death so gory that you cant even view the corpse.We also need to ask ourseleves where this said minister got all that wealth. many lecturerers are are barely earning much money to own that kind of wealth. I once had a business partner who lectures at Maseno but as soon as we were paid for our consultancy he went under with all the money. So this can tell you that these guys dont really earn that much and the site of a million bob can make them go berserk.

    So The late prof must have made his money in politics and that should tell that that there is filthy money in politics



  3. Speculation n speculations wont bring the brave six Kenyans back. We have seen so many committees formed to investigate tragedies n almost non ever came with any concrete reports so lets not dwell on such committes but rather let it all to Almighty God to make his judgement on the D- Day. Coz for sure something somewhere went badly wrong n a big question is WHAT REALLY WENT WRONG????????.My condoleence to all the berieved families. May God give them strength to overcome the pain n grieve.


  4. speculations after speculations will not solve any problem! what about the committee formed? if you want to kill an idea form a committee. all the same kenyans let us be careful. Rwanda genocide started with a plane crash, let us learn from other countries. thanks to our leaders who came in very fast and urged us to be calm


    1. Be most assured that those questions from an aviator’s point of view touch on a lot of issues of human factors in aviation systems where the focus is not to apportion blame but to minimize chances of the next crash which God forbid if it doesn’t come falling on your roof, then you would understand any question in the quest for wanting to know what went wrong can’t be useless unless you perceive issues from a useless point of view, in that case you don’t desrve to air your undifined comments


  5. I’d like to answer number 9 (about the black box). Well from reading the ?nation newspaper and what they were told by Mbithe, the eurocopter was small and it did not have a black box so we might never know what happened in that 5 minutes when the pilots lost communication with the centre. In all, my depest condolense to the families.


  6. According to African culture,there is a ‘hand’ behind every death,either malevolent or benevolent,hence much speculation when it strikes.Let’s wait for the outcome of the finding of the cause of the crash.Pole to the aggrieved families.


  7. Allow me to repeat No 10.
    What is it with our politicians and helicopter rides? A simple commercial flight to Kisumu Airport and maybe onwards a chopper to Homabay would have been the best option not only financially, but also security wise….?


  8. I will not speculate anything! Only to pray for the eternal rest our dear 6 that were committed Kenyans that perished in helicopter crush. May their families be strengthened by God’s power.


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