NTV, the broadcasting wing of the Nation Media Group, has poached Mohamed Ali from Kenya Television Network (KTN), Willice Raburu, Sylvia Chebet and Hussein Mohamed from Citizen TV, sources told the Jackal News, a clear indication that NTV Managing Editor Linus Kaikai is serious is putting together an award-winning team.

Sources said that Ali will become an investigative editor at the NTV, where he will join his former colleague John Allan Namu. “He tendered his notice this morning and will be starting at NTV in August,” the source added. “They worked together with Allan Namu, so it would not be hard to re-establish the connection.”

“I will miss the entire staff members at the Standard Group. We are like family, but sometimes people make choices in life and this is my choice. I am always a call away, we can mingle any time,” Ali told the Jackal News. “KTN was like my home, I was there for six years and I am greteful for what they have done for me.”

He leaves behind indefatigable Dennis Onsarigo, the man with whom they churned a series of hard-hitting scoops that rattled the powers-that-be, even endangering their lives. Onsarigo, himself a former NTV employee will now have to churn his stories. “He is a dogged worker and I am sure that he will deliver,” a source explained.

The problem is, if KTN do not treat Onsarigo well, he can as well decamp to Citizen TV, which is reportedly seeking his services. Another source explained that the exit of Ali has given Onsarigo a chance to breathe new life into KTN’s investigative desk.

The new information came weeks after NTV sacked experienced reporter Yassin Juma, who nearly lost his life in an accident in Somalia, sports reporter Idriss Situma, G3 producer Mellissa Mugambi and administrative secretary Ivetta Mkalla. Other sources said well known producer Peris Mureithi resigned, PM Live/Trends producer Wilson Kariuki left the company and joined A24/Camerapix. Several others including librarians have left the company.

Meanwhile, Chebet, Raburu and Mohamed refused to be lured by a new chopper that S.K. Macharia bought for his news gathering team, and headed to NTV, which is struggling to remain relevant in the very competitive market, sources said. “This is a huge setback for Citizen TV that has been losing staff to other companies at a ground-breaking speed,” a source explained.

Mohamed has been telling colleagues that Citizen TV newsroom is more like an Animal Farm, in direct reference to the legendary book by British writer George Orwell, meaning some journalists in the newsroom are bigger than others.

SOURCE: The Jackal news


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