Police in Njabini Kinangop are holding a 23-year-old man who allegedly raped two women aged 84 and 86 years respectively.

In the bizarre incident, the suspect fell asleep in one of the victims house soon after the incident where he was found naked by members of the public.

The night attacks occurred in Karandi village in Nyandarua County leaving the locals in shock and anger.

According to the victims, the suspect who was drunk tried to strangle them during the abuse that lasted for over three hours.

He first attacked the 84 year old in her house but escaped after she screamed midway the abuse and headed to a nearby house where he raped the 86 year old before falling asleep.

“He came stripped me naked while threatening me with death and after the evil act he fell asleep and that is the time I called for help and he was arrested,” said the 86 year old granny.

According to a relative Hannah Njambi, the suspect first broke into the house of the 84-year-old at around 12am and entered through the window.

“The granny heard commotion and tried to enquire who was in the house but she was held by the throat and pulled out of the bed,”

She narrated how the victim was undressed and abused but managed to flee and scream forcing the relatives to respond to the distress call.

The accused escaped using the cover of darkness to a nearby home where he again broke the room and found the 86-year-old asleep.

Here he took over three hours abusing the granny and somewhere along the way he got tired, collapsed and slept.

According to a witness Bernard Theuri the granny woke up painful and informed the relatives who cornered the suspect seriously beating him before police arrived.

“We are made to understand that the suspect smokes bhang and maybe this is the reason as to why he committed the act,”

The superintendent in charge of Naivasha district hospital Dr Joseph Mburu termed their condition as stable adding that they were under medication.

Mburu said that the 86-year-old was seriously injured on her private parts adding that the suspect had injuries on his body after the attack by irate members of the public.

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