This is Kenya’s fearless and authoritative blog, touching on the Coast entertainment scene.

If there is a scandal in Coast Media, Coast Business or entertainment scene…you will find it here.

We will cover stories that other mainstream media will shun…we will be the first…to let you know.



Send us your news tips: mombasa411@gmail.com

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  1. Like your site but its becoming rather slow in getting new stuff (rumours, hot news etc). I see the same stuff weeks in end. Trust you are working on improving, right? Please do.


  2. what happened to this advert? was it the one that Mombasa blog used to corn innocent women their money????? as they unveil what really happens on-line???????????? and if so why not refund peoples money????????????? i am yet to get understand this scandal…


  3. you falsely feature me and my friends on whats happening at masinde muliru university
    1 we are not students at that university neither were we near it
    2 we are not gay
    3 we demand that you close it


  4. Hiyo ya KK ni kali God will punish people merciless…….imagine son or daughter wa huyo matheee akisurf net na apate mamake doing those stupid things that are done under the cover of darknes… where are we heading to as kenyans.. God help us………


  5. alhaji kipa is married abt the men job well done but abt the ladies??????????????????nyway kudos to whoever cme up with this thing


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