Kaya FM: Yes We Can Dance, kwani!?

The Men and Women at the Hon. Chirau Ali Mwakwere owned Radio Kaya right here in Mombasa, had a beautiful hugely successful roadshow a couple of weeks ago, and surely, they CAN dance. Mombasa411 took time out to sample the beauties of Kaya FM on stage and my, ni Warembo! And yes, Mombasa411 managed to... Continue Reading →


These are the most desirable Dudes in Coast media v.1 of 2011. Some might be married...but still ladies find them irresistable. The results of the votes that YOU cast are finally out...and the results zinashangaza mpaka editor wa Mombasa411!! But you have had you say and this is the result..... Mabibi na mabwana *makofi* hawa... Continue Reading →

Riding High!! Nzula Makosi

This gal must be enjoying life...to the fullest.....!! The reigning Coast Female Radio Presenter of the year (Nzumari Awards)....young with the world before her......independent and should I say, fresh!!? Yah. Mombasa411 salutes you Nzula.

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