STAR PROFILE 002: Ronclif Odit (Ronnie) QFM

Last week tuli profile the biggest name on Coast Comedy PPO (Pyukapyu wa Pyukupyu), him of Baraka FM in our first Star Profile.

This week, we travel to Nairobi and profile Ronclif Odit (QFM)

Kama kuna jamaa amepanda sana na haraka zaidi katika fani ya utangazaji mkoani, ni huyu Kaka…

This pic makes me remember this song: "Nainua macho yaaangu, nitazameeeee milimaniiiiiiii, demuuuuu wanguuuu atoka wapiiiii, deeeemu wangu atokaaaa paleeee!!"

Remember the guy who used to do Breakfast at Radio Salaam? He is a reporter per excellence. He has worked for Radio Salaam, Radio Rahma, TVT Tanzania before landing the QFM JOB.

Mombasa411 understands that he left Radio Salaam under mysterious circumstances but he was not to be shaken.

Meet Roncliffe Odit – tall, dark and handsome. He has a Mass Communication Diploma from Mombasa Polytechnic and with over three years experience in radio  broadcasting, Roni is a talent to watch.

Notice the two wine glasses....Who owns the one near the camera?

Presenting the breakfast show (Sabalkheri), Roni is a loyal and caring friend yet a dedicated and passionate presenter. However Roni is a crazy boy and he will take the not-so-favorite position and try to prove a point.

He is known for being vocal and very controversial thus remaining wildly popular among  his fans.

With a personality like no other, Roni is a team player, a charming brother, and of course for ladies, he’s single!

By the time we were publishing this, Mombasa411 could not ascertain the identity of the lady in the khanga below in a sexy pose that we captured from RONI’s FBK page…might RONI give us some clues?

Naughty Boy: This dude has only 6 photos on his Facebook profile...and this one is one of them!! Ooooh Kay!

We at Mombasa411 wish RONI success in his endevour to find the right lady…..Man you have the cash…..mbona ushindwe na LOVE?

Ama bado Upo!?


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